Wednesday, February 28, 2007

What a day!!

yesterday I cleaned house all day. Save for the walk I went on with Cooper. Which was really nice and we both enjoyed it.
Then today I pulled out the 12 month clothes :( Guess it was sad....
We have been SO BLESSED with all the clothes we had given or loaned to us. I even kept some clothes to the side that won't fit in the drawers to loan them to my neighbour considering everyone else I know has GIRLS!!
So I did 4 loads of laundry. Folded 5. A load from yesterday. Good thing I like to do laundry!! The 5th load is washing. It is diapers and needs two washes then hang to dry. It has been a LONG day!!
Just thought I would share the mass of clothes my son has. He has more then me for crying out loud!! And this doesn't include the 12 month shorts that probably aren't gonna fit this summer. Thank you God for this blessing..... You will see some of the drawers, the pant and the shirt ones, the clothes are rolled just so I can see them all!!

needless to say I am so exhausted! And I am NOT asking for clothes for his birthday!!


Michelle said...

Wanna do some of my laundry?

Payton has always had more clothes than me, and she's much better dressed than I am too.

I guess we know who gets priority!!

Miss-buggy said...

I don't do your laundry anymore! LOL

Yeah the joys of being a mom. The kids always get the priority. The blessed thing is I don't think I have boughten mcuh of that stuff myself

Sue said...

I don't think when our kids were young they had so many clothes. God is taking good care of your babies. :) He is so awesome.

Fruitloopgirl said...

don't even get me started on kids who have way better wardrobes than I do....

i love the hat drawer. does he leave them on his head?

what a blessed little boy you have!!

Nicole said...

Sue, its not that your kids didn't necessarily have as many clothes, its that your kids wore through them in a matter of days. James has told me many stories.