Friday, February 09, 2007

Crazy last 24 hours

It all started yesterday at 5am...........
Cooper woke up. decided to get up for the day. Fed and then the whining started. ALL DAY!! I think he has his 9th tooth coming through. All day I had a whiny kid that didn't know what he wanted. I didn't sleep well that night so it was harsh.
Phil wasn't home working on a diesel truck he picked up. He worked for one whole hour yesterday! WAHOO! FRIGGEN WAHOO!! I am breaking. The wall is too high and I can't throw any more bricks high enough.
So last night I was putting Cooper to bed. I was stupid and while I was bathing him I had the camera and was taking pictures and video. When my nightmare unfolded in a matter of a blink of an eye. I was looking at the screen. He wasn't there. I heard a crash. I tossed the brand new camera down. (I would do it again.) I was sitting RIGHT BESIDE THE TUB!! Reached into the water and yanked Cooper up out of it. He was fully submerged. It all happened within seconds. Didn't even think just reacted. Lifted him full up out of the tub by his ONE ARM!! (blushing). Used my left arm with the bad shoulder so today it is still killing me. I swept him against me and he was fine. He had a cut to his head and I saw blood. BLOOD!! First cut!! Caused because his mommy was playing with her camera and not watching him. Ok God lesson learned. Won't have the camera if I am by myself. I put him back in the tub so that he would not be afraid of the water. He was totally fine. Went back to playing. Me on the other hand was on the verge of tears.
So we finished his bath and went and got him dressed. Read a book then I nursed him. He took both sides fully. Then put him in his crib. He was out instantly. I checked on him a few times. Afraid of it being a concussion and him slipping into a coma or something. Although I knew it wasn't a concussion. He wasn't throwing up. He was acting totally fine.
So just after 8:30 I decided to go to bed. The last time I saw was shortly after that. I fell asleep. Had a long day. Then at 9:11pm the phone rings. Who calls at that time!! Geepers! You know my kid is in bed. That is pretty late as is wether or not I am in bed. If it is an emergency it is fine. So I had to dart out of bed, heart pounding cause I was just awoken from a dead sleep. Only to pick up the phone and no one there cause they hung up before the answering machine. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.............
So get back in bed. Get all cozy and the damn thing rings again. This time I thought to bring the phone to be with me. It was my MIL (Mother in Law) wondering where Phil was. I said, you woke me. I was sleeping. He will be there soon. (long story not getting into it) She kept going ON AND ON. Then eventually she said, ok I will let you go.
Too late. Now I am wide awake worrying about Phil. I figured he would be home by 10 anyway. But now my gut is being tested and I am worrying. 9:50 he walks through the door. I told him about Cooper and my day. He told me about his. Just before 11 when I fell BACK to sleep. GRRRRR......
4am.....Cooper woke up screaming. Phil went in there to calm him and he would have none of it. So we gave him some acetaminephin and then I nursed him. My milk must be low or something cause he gobbled it down. Then thankfully he went back to sleep. So did I. Only to wake up at 5:30 to him wanting to get up for the day. So I reluctantly got up and nursed him and changed his bum. We have been up for over a hour now. He is whining. I know he is a good baby. Yeah, yeah, yeah but still this has been tough.
I am supposed to go to moms group today but I don't think I am going to. Phil has NO WORK today. Maybe he can watch the kid all day and I will stay in bed. Oh wait he has a truck to work on and he will be at his moms.
pictures of Cooper before the fall........


if anybody actually read this thank you.

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Amber said...

It happens to all of us Misty! I'm glad he is ok. Don't worry about it, if you are a bad mom - it makes me a bad mom 4 times over!
You are a wonderful mother!