Thursday, February 22, 2007

Cooper update....again....

Cooper's doc tried to get him into a pediatrician. The ped was not available until March and he wanted Cooper to be seen today or tomorrow. So they called another doc then called me back. I asked if I could still put the cream on him even though it was bleeding. She relayed to the doc and the doc said that they would call me back. They canceled the pediatrician and got Cooper into a dermatalogist. Cooper got in today.
I knew it was eczema but what I wanted cleared up was that it was not an allergic reaction and that it was just bad eczema. Also guided in the right direction.
Just after 11 this morning we got in to the doc. He said that Cooper has super sensitive skin. He was impressed at how alert Cooper is, how talkative he is, how friendly and how close he was to walking.
So what he said to do about his skin.....
DO NOT put bubble bath in the water. Not good for baby's skin.
Keep his room cooler and not too warm.
DO NOT wash him every night. He can have a bath but not to use soap or any thing in the water.
Put vaseline on his eye lids. Cause most things that are used for eyes are made or created from vaseline.
To use plain ol' Aveeno body lotion on the other parts.
DO NOT use any baby lotion.
DO NOT use anything that says baby on it cause they add perfumes to it so that it smells all pretty. That it really is not good for his skin. It is too harsh.
DO NOT use bounce (I had started that a while ago)
DO use a milder, less abrasive laundry detergent, gotta get money for that one! Found some good stuff.
So no perscriptions. Just the Aveeno and vaseline. NO baby products. Too harsh for my little mans sensitive skin.
The doc was GREAT!! I walk in and see him walking around in his socks! Very laid back. He was very friendly and took the time to talk to Cooper. While Cooper was waving at him and he waved back at Cooper and talked to him. Told me to come back if I get concerned. Just that I have a sensitive skinned little boy. That his skin will go back to normal. No need to use the cortizone creams I was given. So we are gonna take it day by day now. Funny thing is that the vaseline already seemed to take down the redness.
Why are all the good doctors only specialists? Don't get me wrong I love Cooper's family doctor but I LOVED the ped and this dermatologist was awesome! The good ones always seem to be specialists and just when you find a good one you can't keep them. Like my maternity doctor. I guess they are specialists for a reason.....

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Fruitloopgirl said...

Josh was like that when he was a baby too. His skin chafed and got irritated so easily.

If you can get your hands on some Watkins Petro Carbo Salve, it is an awesome vaseline like product that promotes healing. It was the only thing that brought Josh releif when his skin was chafing. It is not perfumed or medicated, but it has some natural ingredients that cause it to help draw up the healthy cells.