Tuesday, February 20, 2007


*note: sarcasm

So I just got back in from being outside for a half hour. The fire alarm went off in our building.
I was making dinner and had the oven on. The next thing I knew the smoke detector started going off. So I thought I created smoke but it made no sense since I had nothing in the oven yet. Dinner was just finished being prepared and I was about to put it in. So I grabbed a tea towel and ran to the detector and started to fan at it. It wasn't going off. Oh crap! What did I do! Cooper was in his highchair laughing away. He thought it was a fun noise. My ears were hurting but he was cool with it.
So I grabbed Cooper and picked him up to go to the neighbours to see if he could help me turn the detector off. I opened the door and it was sounding in the hallways too. WOW!! There is a fire in the building.
I pop back in the door and grab Cooper a jacket, a hat and a blanket. I know that sounds bad but I know where everything is and it was a matter of seconds. There was no visible smoke outside my door. Then went flying to the door with Cooper in my arms. Grabbed my coat and shoes. Opened the door and checked again for smoke. All clear. Headed for the stair way. People were chatting in the halls and I was like, ummm we should be evacuating!!
So we were all standing out side in the rain and people who didn't want to get wet stood just outside the front doors. I thought, well how dumb is that! We don't know for sure if there is a fire or not. We stayed away from the building rain or not. I was standing out there with my little boy and I thanked God that we got out ok. Then I thanked Him for us having house insurance.
Fire department came, Cooper thought the sound and lights were fun. Turns out there was actually a fire in our building!! A suite on the second floor. There was a pot that actually caught on fire. The sprinklers put it out. Thank God for sprinklers!! So the apartments below the one where the fire was has some water damage but we are all ok.
We got out safe and sound. We are back inside and the dinner is in the stove. Hope Phil understands why it will be a late dinner. LOL. I know he will!!
I am still shaking from adrenaline!!

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