Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Darn it!!! I got Tagged!

I was hoping to avoid it, but no chance. Thanks Michelle.
So here it is, in no particular order......

My Ten Favorite Things

1. God - I love the fact that I am His. No matter what I may do He will never turn from me and that he is always pleased with me.

2. Phil - He is the best thing that has happened to me. I thank God for him all the time. He is wonderful to me and I really enjoy being his wife and feel so priveledged to be only his. He is always there for me and he supports me no matter what.

3. My Friends - They are always there for me and love me. I would have an incomplete life without them.

4. My Chruch - I feel like a family. When I walk in those doors I feel a sense of being at home. They are my home and family.

5. My family - Although we may not get along I am thankful for every member. Even those that have hurt me. Yes, even my in-laws!!

6. The smell of: Just cut Cedar and cedar shavings. I can take that in all day.Fresh cut grass. The air after a spring rain. You can smell the warmth.

7. Shelby - She is my Calico cat. Even though she is skiddish I stilll love her.

8. Taking Long Walks - these are moments I get to spend with those I love and with God. Very powerful moments.

9. Swimming - I absolutely love water!! I am a water baby and can spend all day in it.

10. Any Outdoor Activities - such as: hiking, camping, biking, rock climbing horse back riding. I truly get even more nuts when I am stuck inside for too long.

There are many more things that I am thankful for and I am sure I can keep going. However, it is now my turn to tag people. Wahahahaha...... I hope I don't double tag anyone. I am going to tag: Susanna, Rea, Lori and Erin.


Michelle said...

Ah, quit complaining, you love it!!!

Mitch said...

who started this?

Miss-buggy said...

don't know

Lori said...

let's shoot the one who started it!

Mitch said...

YEAH!!!! dumb jill had to tag me