Thursday, May 19, 2005

Every Time

So, every time I start to doubt God sends me little reminders and hints.
I had talked about the fact that I didn't think that God was 100% pleased with me. I am almost to the point now though that I believe it. I believe that He is pleased. Every time I doubt I read something that makes me smile. It makes my heart swell knowing that I am His. We are His. He is happy with us. Sure if we do something wrong we may upset Him but He will still be 100% pleased with us.

I had read My Utmost For His Highest and the first words I read were: "God does not keep His child immune from trouble; He promises, "I will be with him in trouble...."(ps.91:15)." How true is that one? We will still have trouble but He is not abandoning us, He is right there beside us if only we see. That is another thing that worried me. That I was on my own, even though I knew I wasn't. That in my times of trouble I had no where to turn. God hears my thoughts and sends me little reminders that He is there.
Now He is the ultimate Father! Never leaving us, always pleased with us. Makes me giddy thinking that He will always love me. He will always be my Father and that He won't turn His back on me. He walks with me. Always listening to us and waiting with open arms. He is patient and perseveres. I long to follow Him and have Him fully in my life and live for Him. He is guiding me in the right direction. I may have my temper tantrum and throw things but He waits. Then He asks; "are you done?" If not, I keep going but then I collapse and reach out to Him. Every Time. Every time I am reminded that He is my Father, my savior and my light. That He is always there. I love it.


Lori said...

so you throw things at walls too, misty?!

Miss-buggy said...

yep..... I used to really bad. I am WAY better now.