Thursday, May 26, 2005

Nothing Like.....

arguing with a "six and a half" year old. You pick your battles. I just gave in and said oh yeah, ok.
She started the debate this morning on whether or not she should be riding in the front seat.
She went and stepped on my scale and saw that she weighs 70lbs. Pretty good for a girl your age I said. She said that it was too much. I used to be 60lbs she said. I told her that I used to be 60 lbs too. When I was WAY younger. She started to tell me how she can sit in the front seat.
I told her that she is actually supposed to be in a booster seat at her weight. She said, oh yeah well I get to sit in the front seat. I said, yeah? She said yep even though I am 70lbs I get to sit up there.
ok. I thought that kids were supposed to be ten before they sat in the front seat. Am I crazy???
So, I said ok sure and we dropped it. Well, I did. She kept going. She is still going actually. Funny, she really likes to debate. It is funny. She can debate you on everything and everything. Kids, I tell yah.....
Right now she is telling me that she doesn't have the time to practice her English. Funny kid. She is in French immersion. She only has time to do the French. I am just letting her talk.
I love kids.

8:57 am

Just got back from dropping Holly off at school. Yep, it was an issue for a bit on the way. I get to sit in the front in so and so's car. I said yep, well in my car you sit in the back until you are at least 10 years old. She got quiet after that.
This morning was fun though. Holly was dropped off at 6am. She came in and her hair was all messy so I trimmed her bangs (they so needed it) then braided her hair and made her a pancake for breakfast. Kinda like what most moms I know do. Then I dropped her off at school.
It's little things like those that make me wonder when I should have kids and make me think of what a joy it will be. So, she is at school and I am going back to bed!! Bonus.
darn maybe not, gotta phone revenue canada. Still haven't gotten our returns yet.

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Michelle said...

She definatly thinks she knows it all. Hmmmm....maybe it runs in the family?? I know someone else like that!!!

And I still make her sit in the back. It's safest untill they are 12. I'm sure I'll make her sit back there for that long though.