Thursday, October 19, 2006

"Baby Weight"

I know, I know........It took 9 months to put on, it will take a year to get off. YEAH YEAH YEAH!!
Still doesn't help the way I feel. :P
I was walking every day. Now I have lost all ambition. I used to push my friend to go out for a walk, now she pushes me. :D
I need to start to get in shape. Have no ambition although I hate the way I look. Hate that I am still in maternity pants cause I am still too large for my regular clothes. I guess I shouldn't complain when I have no desire to work out. I don't want to lose my milk.
Maybe I will start jogging around the track tomorrow. Nah....How about next week??


Anonymous said...

I know how you feel!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey You can do it Misty!!!
Every morning on messenger I will say that to you. It takes commement but it sure feels great afterwards.