Thursday, October 26, 2006

motoring along

So Cooper is just a motoring along. It is cute actually. Well today I had to put a lock on the kitchen cupboard. You know the one. With the garbage in it and the chemicals. It is neat to see him truckin along. He sees something, gets a look at it then decides he wants it and he is OFF!!
Guess we are baby proofing more as we go. He will let me know. Just need to watch the little man. What do I do with the kitty litter though?


Anonymous said...

When we had the litter in the laundry room, we put a baby gate on that door so Payton couldn't get in but kitty could jump over.

Yup, think it's time for baby proofing!! What a busy little guy!

Christy said...

When my mom did daycare she put the kitty litter in the laundry room with a gate, like Michelle did.

Wow, we thankfully, won't have to baby-proof for a while. Joel is no where close to crawling but is to walking so at least it will be a few more months. Good luck watching Cooper alot! And try to get him on video, I want to see too!