Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Cooper Crawling

yeah, yeah, yeah...another video. This one is a little long. Just over 4 minuts. Cause mommy kept pulling the toy away so he would crawl further. Bad mommy! (insert blushing face here) Ignore my voice! LOL


Anonymous said...

He's almost got it!! Just gotta get those arms and legs co-ordinated!!Then you'll be in trouble.

kristybox said...

Natchdaddy and I just watched, and we are sooooooo jealous. Ander will only go backwards and sideways! I'm totally making Ander watch this when he gets up. Maybe he can learn something from Cooper. :)

Anonymous said...

It sure is funny watching his expression when you move the toy. But it seems like the action and our voices are out of sync with each other. What's up with that? I feel so cruel for having laughed so much at him.