Thursday, October 05, 2006

Poor little boy

I know I talk about him all the time but how can I NOT!! HEHE LOL

My poor little angel. He has a cold. ANOTHER ONE!!! GRRRRRRR.........
It can't be normal for a kid to get this many colds being so young can it?? He now has a stuffy nose. He has had the runs for almost a week now. I am not rushing to the doctors cause my intsinct (haha, that one was for you Kristy) tells me that it is just a cold. My experience anyway. Man! This kid must be getting a lot of immunities from all the stupid colds he has had! I think I was sick a lot as a child. I had ear infections really bad. Hopefully he doesn't get those!!! He is back in bed! He slept ALL night! You know he must be sick!
Poor Cooper

*on a side note: I am going to allow annonymous comments. But I ask for you to leave your name at the end of your comment and if it gets crazy like it has for some of my friends it will be removed. :D


Anonymous said...

Ahhh....poor Cooper. I hope he gets better soon. Joel is going through the same thing now too.


Anonymous said...

It seemed like Payton had a lot of colds for awhile. My mom said it was good that would build up her immunities. As a teacher she says she can tell the kids who weren't exposed to any germs when they were younger, when they hit school they are ALWAYS sick.

She has one now, just a cough and a runny nose, only when she's sick she DOESN'T sleep! Count yourself lucky if she's sick she's known to be up 6-8times a night!! ARGH!!

Hope he feels better soon!

kristybox said...

He he! I got mentioned! :)

He'll get better, sweetie. Ander is finally getting better after two weeks, and two runs to the doctor. {blushing in shame} ;)

I loved your comment on breastfeeding. My friend apologized for ranting at me. She knows that I support breastfeeding, and I know she really doesn't think I feed my baby the equivalent of dog food, but it still made me mad! Honestly, if she had wrote that on her own blog, I wouldn't have cared. But on my, it just seemed like a jab at me. :/

Your comment was much nicer. Very supportive of breastfeeding, but sensitive to my feelings. That's why I like you! You and choose one thing and I can choose another, and you don't ever make me feel inferior. Thanks. Hugs.

Miss-buggy said...

I had hoped my comment made sense. By the sounds of your response it did and I am glad.
That is also something I value about you. Your wisdom and the fact that you don't make me feel interior either. You are doing a great job with Ander. You are doing what is right for the both of you. For all of you as a family. I thought the comment that your friend made was kinda shoking. I was shoked, comparing it to dog food! WHOW! It seemed like a jab to me also when I read it.
Hugs to you too