Thursday, October 26, 2006

Yep complaining again

no wonder barely anyone reads this blog anymore.

It is 1am. Cooper has been up for a hour and a half. A child being sick sucks! Tried the acetaminephen and then Phil tells me that he is not sure if that will make him drowsy or not. May break the slight fever. Nope, not drowsy. The couch cusions are on the floor of his room with the blanket over them and my pillow just calling for me. But Cooper has other plans.
Supposed to go to my MIL's today. Not going. Not answering the phone. Don't want to go online. Don't want to be around ANYONE. Yes I am a grump. So be it.


Anonymous said...

It's 1:45am, hope that you are finally getting some sleep. I'm praying for you since I'm awake anyway.

Anonymous said...

correction; 1:53

kristybox said...

Is Cooper 6 months yet? My doctor let us use Motrin after six months, and I found it worked miracles.

Miss-buggy said...

Kristy- yes he is 6 months & I am thinking that when we can we will be getting some!

Sue, interesting. the last time I remembered seeing was 2 am. He slept until 4:30 so we got a couple hours which was great! What are you doing up so early?