Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I got thanked today

for being such a good Mommy. (insert blushing face here...)
I went to ICBC to get them to install Cooper's car seat correctly. Well, to make sure I had done it right. To say that I am a little paranoid is an understatement. I am totally anal.
Yesterday we went out to POCO to go to the bigger babies r us to see if they had the one I liked. Of course they didn't. So back to plan A. Canadian Tire. There happened to be one across the street! So Sue and I went in to get the seat. She preoccupied Cooper while I fought with getting it installed. That in itself is no easy task.
There...done. So we go up the hill and find the fire station. Outside of it there just happened to be 4 firefighters. And I am going to be so bold as to say, they weren't too bad looking at all!! :P
They checked it over and said it looked good. By the time I got home the blanket had settled enough for it to be leaning too far forward. So I put in the pool noodles. They were too narrow. So off to ICBC I went.
He just made the blanket a little thicker and Voila!! It was done. Then before leaving he decided to thank me for being such a good mom. The fact that I was anal was good. He said that I actually had the car seat good and tight.
In my heart I know that I am doing a good job with Cooper. Daddy tells me all the time. But for a complete stranger to tell me I was shocked and blushed a little too. Hehe.
Yeah, I am totally anal when it comes to car seats. Ask anyone that knows me. But man my kid is safe! What a nice compliment to start the day!

I think Cooper likes his carseat too!! Once he is in and we are on the go!

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Sue said...

It was pleasure to go the firestation with you...anytime.