Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A sad morning of Sorts

I had to lower Cooper's crib matress this morning. It kinda makes me sad. Just means he is growing up. No, he isn't pulling himself up yet so I really didn't have to worry but I kept having these nightmares that he would fall out of his crib cause the matress was too high. And I had a terrible gut feeling that he would hurt himself so rather then waiting for that to happen I lowered the matress.
It is weird. Now he can see through the crib over the bumperpad. I still didn't take it out yet cause he likes to push his head against it so the top of his head is up against it so I would rather that in there then not. He could reach the top of it when the crib was higher too.
Sigh...first cereal, soon veggies, scooting around the house (almost figured out the moving of the hands) and now the crib! So sad.
But man is it ever amazing to watch and I am so glad that I am priveledged enough to be able to. Where's my baby?


Christy said...

Misty ((((((BIG HUGS)))))))

It's so sad to know that the last 6months has gone by so fast and how much they have learned. Cooper is going to be crawling soon!!

Anonymous said...

They grow so fast don't they? That's why I make sure I've lots of pictures otherwise I would be afraid that I would forget what she used to look like!!

I always lowered Payton's mattress early. I was so afraid she'd try to climb out because she hated her crib so!! She never did but I slept better knowing she couldn't!! Better safe than sorry!!

Anonymous said...

I have learned to follow that gut instinct as a mother. Has saved my children more than once.