Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What is our world coming to?

When I was a kid we could walk to school. I walked to elementary school every day. Rode my bike to high school. We would go outside after school and play. Get called in for dinner then go back out until it was dark. We could go to the park by ourselves. We could walk to the mall or the corner store by ourselves.
Now it is so different. I don't even like to drive far by myself!!
This morning I found myself angry with how the world is going. There is no way Cooper will walk to school by himself. Or play out in the local park by himself. There are weirdos out there that try to take our kids. Or other people who make me angry are the ones that use our parks for drugs or other illegal acts! There is no purity in anything anymore.
This morning the news was on. I heard them mention Mill Lake then it was like huh? and my attention was turned to it right away.
A woman out walking her dog around the lake found a skeleton head. REALLY? In my town? Gun shots ring out around our building. A body found in a normally quiet and picturesque Lake.
Going for a walk around it today, because of course I am human and my interest is peaked as to where at the lake it was found. I round a corner to see cop cars and police tape restricting the area. Dive teams are supposedly coming today to search the lake for more remains. This lake is unsafe for swimming cause the ducks have taken over. Now it just seems all the more unsafe. I don't go out by myself. Especially at night. I always thought the lake was safe. There are people around. Plus I only walk with Cooper during the day. I have my cell phone readily available. But now there is no longer that sense of safety there.
What is our world coming to?

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scottwilliams said...

interestingly enough statistics tell us that society is safer than when you were a kid.

i wonder how much of the fear we have is media induced psychosis?