Wednesday, June 15, 2005

An amazing Hike

So, I went on a hike yesterday with Sue and her boys. It was fun. The hike was cool. Slippery, but cool.
I climbed out and stood up at the top of the waterfall. I think I scared some people. I thought I was good, then on the way back up to the land I scared myself. I slipped. I just kinda hung onto the rock for a second and Joel put out his hand to pull me up. Hey - I gave Sue back her keys before I went out there though, just in case. Hehehe....
Looking around at everything I felt like a child. I had never been to this place before and to me it was so cool. Just looking at everything and having the overwhelming feeling of God's presence. He knows every Drop of water that went over that waterfall. He knows every tree and every stone. He made it and we are privledged enough to enjoy it. I had an awesome day. Spent the morning with Michelle and then this hike. I have never felt so blessed, that I am lucky enough to be able to participate in simple things. Like spending time with a dear friend and going for a hike with another.
Thanks guys, just for being there.
Oh... and we swam too. It was a little chilly but so nice. Once the boys got out I just kinda floated in the water on my back, then the sun hit me. I layed there floating with the sun warming me. To me that was a God moment. Then I had to get out. I was getting cold.


Michelle said...

You didn't hurt yourself!! It was a good day!

Love you too!

Michelle said...

I take it back(NOT the I love you silly), but I hear you conveniatly left out the part where you hurt yourself. How'd the x-ray go? didn't think I would let you get away with NOT telling the whole story did you?

Sue said...

I see you left out the whole mooning thing too! Love you, hope your arm is okay.

Miss-buggy said...

So, do I need to elaborate on the story????