Wednesday, June 29, 2005


My work gave me the whole weekend off. It used to be that I had to come back Saturday to work from 6- 10. So all the way back for a four hour shift. I felt really bad asking for the time off. They said that it was ok though. My supervisor Wendy had taken me off of Saturday and put the new guy on and she is going to come in and check on things. She told me to go and have a good weekend with my husband. I am SO excited!! I even get my birthday off!
I was talking to my physiotherapist and I told her how she is going to have to smack me next time she sees me. I have a messed up hip and shoulder. I have been seeing her solidly for a year and then off and on when my schedule permits for the last month. Is that going to stop me? NO WAY!! I am still going to go kayaking. Still going to go for a hike. Still going to go and have fun. I know that I will pay for it and I am not looking forward to that part. (maybe I need to remember the bottle of ibproufen) But the fun that I will have doing those things would be well worth it. If I spent my life worrying about whether or not I should do something cause I might hurt myself I would go nuts. How boring would that be!! Might as well just put me in the nut house now! You only have so many opportunities to make memories.
So this morning I am trying to pull the loose ends together and trying to get things organized. We are all taking our own food. So we are shopping tonight. Easy munchable things for the day and then at night Phil is insisting that we eat some good food. He is going to pick us up some chicken and some steaks and potatoes. So, Michelle and Sue keep that in mind. Don't forget to pack something that will be filling at dinner!! And why is it we eat better dinners when we are camping!?
I am totally like a little kid. One more sleep!! Not enough time to finish packing some stuff. As usual I have packed way too much. But it is ok. I will be prepared.
I am praying for decent weather. I don't care if it rains but I am asking if it could be decent. Doesn't even have to be sunny (although that would be a bonus) and if it is cloudy and overcast that is fine. That is what the sweaters are for. I am just praying for no rain. Now that I told you all this I hope that no one prays against it!! Help me pray? It is the little things that we reach for sometimes but I always feel that it is ok. That He wants us to come to him with anything, no matter how big or small, how trivial it may seem to us or others. As long as we come to Him.
That is another thing too. I am looking forward to being surrounded with God's beauty. To take it all in. To love it the way I was created to love and to worship Him within all this beauty.
Anyway..... I am rambling. Gotta go.....

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I guess I should start getting ready......