Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Praise God

Well, after a momentarily freak out this morning, thanks Sue and Michelle for walking me through it both spiritually and mentally, I have calmed down.
I went to the doctors today and after almost a year of waiting I finally have some answers in regards to my shoulder. I have a tear in it. The sheath that connects the muscle to the shoulder is 16mm wide and I have a 4mm tear. The doctor injected some antisthetic and wants to see how it is in two days. So far it feels worse now. It felt a bit better at first now it just feels worse. In a month he wasn't to see me again and he might do a cortisone shot.
I freaked out this morning after my EMG because I didn't get any results. Then I was nervous that God would be like, "Fine then if you don't trust me then I will scrap all the plans I have for you in regards to your shoulder. You won't get any results." Yeah I got laughed at. It is not true but the human way helped me to think that it was.
On the way home I handed it to God and I told Him that I do trust Him and that I do love Him. I was sorry for doubting.
I know that it was definitely God that had a hand in it. Honestly, how else do you think you would be able to get into a specialist within two days notice and then able to work the other specialist around it? It definitely was a God thing. Once I let the rage and anger die down I was able to see that.
Thanks to everyone who prayed with me and for me. It worked. Now it is in God's hands and I am done.
Most of all Thank you God for the help and guiding me. I praise you Lord. Amen.

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