Tuesday, February 08, 2005



A dark, hate filled claw
reaches into your
chest and grabs a hold.
You can't breath and your
heart quickens, you feel
it's going to jump
out of your chest.
You struggle with the darkness
and grab a hold of it
while your tears pour.
You cry out for God to
help you win the
endless battle.
Lord help me.
Lord save me.
Lord embrace me.
The darkness melts away
as you start to
breath again.
The emptiness in your chest
is now filled with
God's unconditional love.
You reach out for help
and another hand pulls you
to your weary feet.
The tears fall and love
embraces you letting you
know that you are
not alone.
The battle is not over,
far from it, but you know
you must go on
for those who
love you.

1 comment:

susanna said...

isn't it wonderful how God's amazing love comes to us in those dark places........