Friday, February 18, 2005

Kids are Funny

Yesterday Michelle and Payton came over. I got the chance to feed Payton squash. It was sooo funny. Everytime I put the spoon in her mouth and then pulled it out she went "mmmmmm". I held the spoon in front of her and said, "mmmm....." and nothin'. But once that spoon went in there and came back out she let out a very proclaimed "mmmmmmmm......"
It was so funny. Didn't matter where she was looking, once that spoon went in she claimed her opinion on the food of choice. It was in the right context everytime. I couldn't stop laughing.
Where do kids get these things???

1 comment:

Michelle said...

And over quash of all things??? I tried feeding her beans last night, it was NOT happenening, mouth was clamped shut!! She's so funny!!