Saturday, February 26, 2005

I thought I would Never..

This morning I caught myself doing something I thought I would never do.
I wrote in my bible. It may not seem big to some of you but when you grow up being told not to write in books it's a habit to not do so.
Today I read some things where I ended up putting the date on them. Kinda makes me feel like I was being a rebel.... lol
time for detention??
yep - that's about my extent to being a rebel.


Michelle said...

Your sooo bad!!

linda said...

I was always the same way and then when I inherited my mum's bibles and found she'd been writing in them I figured that was permission. It's not easy though, cause it's the "special" book..

Lori said...

ohhh, you guys! I write all over my bible all the time. sometimes i can't even concentrate on what i'm trying to read cause i'm so taken with my own past's an interesting way to track what God has done tho'...i see verses i marked off years ago over particular situations and now i know how they were resolved. it's just a book, go for it!

(course i write all over my walls too...)

BigSmooth said...

One of the greatest treasures my wife and I have is my grandmother's Bible. We were given it when my mom died last year. It ihas many notes and thoughts in the margins from my grandmother's journey with God.

I have always been of the same mind that you shouldn't write in a Bible. I have been changing my mind set since we received Nanny's Bible.

Keep at it =)