Monday, February 28, 2005

Okay, Okay, I get it

I Think....

Sometimes God just isn't very subtle - is He??

I have been getting verses thrown at me, books thrown at me and sermons that are like my pastors are right inside my head. Then the emails too.
First I get the verses. Psalm 139. Jeremiah29:11. Then I get 2Corinthians thrown at me. Then the sermons. The thorns. Yep - You have my attention Lord. What now?

It's not just once that I get these things either. I first got Psalm 139 on the 26th of this month. Then I keep getting messages and thoughts to go back to it. I think that I have been back to that Psalm at least four or five times since that day, which was only two days ago!!! Then Jeremiah. Been back there at least twice since yesterday. Then the sermons. The ones that make you want to get up and run. Then your best friend tells you that you aren't going anywhere. So you think that you are forced to sit and listen but you realize that God is talking through the sermon and this is what you need to hear and that you need to stay there. Then not to forget 2Corinthians. That whole book was speaking to me as well. The emails - some days you get ones that perk you up. You get the verse you need through emails. You get told that you are loved, you are special and that God is doing His work through you. You get those at the times when you doubt and God tells you that this is why you are here and people care about you and think about you. That's reassuring in itself.
A friend of mine told me that I can run, but I can't hide. I responded with try me. She didn't know but God knew. That is just what He is doing. He's trying me and He is not the only one either. I gave a challenge from my heart and although I didn't tell anyone right away it was too late. God already heard it.
It feels like God is tugging me by the ear saying, "Come on. I will show you that I am here and that I am supporting you. No matter where you run." It is almost like a smack upside the head. Smarten up!! Everyone needs one of those once in a while, spiritually of course. They aren't smacks as much as they seem to be wake up calls. God tells me, " I am here. I see all and hear all your thoughts. Try you? Then I will and you will wake up and realize that you can't hide from Me".
Okay, Okay, I get it. I am listening.

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susanna said...

"to change or make the transition (to victory), we must be willing to leave the comfortable, the secure and the familiar."
(from victory in the wilderness)