Monday, February 14, 2005

I Keep Reaching

You ever notice how when things are going well you are finally able to relax? Just when you think that everything just might be going right you get thrown to the ground. So weak, you can't seem to stand on your own two feet anymore. So you stay down. I am knocked down and I don't want to get up. It is too darn hard. I am not blaming God for my own stupid fault. I am not blaming anyone but me.
I may be knocked down but I am still reaching. I am trying SO hard to give it over to God. I am understanding Him more and more. Yet, right now the pride, the shame and every other thought that makes you second guess yourself and doubt everything keeps running through my head. I hold my hand to you Lord and I truly am trying so hard to let You take care of me. Please forgive me for not trusting You and for hindering Your progress. Open my eyes oh Lord. Help me to no longer struggle. Put Your arms around me and pull me into You so that I know I am safe and loved.
I will keep reaching for how ever long it takes. For You Lord, are patient with me and for that I am greatful.

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James Goudie said...

come to the light
come as you are
don't hold back be a friend of god
take off yoru mask and swallow your pride
aren't you getting tired of running your life?
take off your pain and give it to the light
will you give it all to him this time?
anything you missed, he paid the price,
down on the cross so you can have life.