Friday, February 11, 2005

Bad start to the day

So I just got a call from my husband. He sounded upset I asked him what was wrong and he sighed. What?? He was getting onto the freeway at Clearbrook and the guy in front of him slowed down and Phil couldn't see because of the sun. Phil started to go and hit the guys bumber. Phil thinks he might have put a dimple in it. But I can see it now. Lawsuits, injuries substained that go on for over a year. Yeah we needed this right now.
I am not blamming anyone, I am not yelling at God or my husband. Accidents happen right? This one of the things that is happening for a reason? I am casuing my husband to go nuts and now this? I am battling with enough and now this? It was the companies car too. Phil is fine and I think the car is fine. I just hope he doesn't have to pay a deductable, something we sure as heck can't afford right now. Here I go again worried about what will happen down the road instead of just taking things hour by hour, day by day. What a way to sart the day. Poor Phil.

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Michelle said...

Slow down!!! Your turning into Miss Misty WorryWort!! You are only going to stress yourself out!! Everything will be alright!!